Spacero Guy: Hero Shooter

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Spacero APK v1.7.13 MOD (God Mode)

Defeat bosses, explore dungeons in a roguelike adventure with spacero guy

Name Spacero Guy: Hero Shooter
Version 1.7.13
Size n/a
Mod God Mode
Genre Arcade
Developer TryAgain Game Studio Kft
Google Play com.tryagaingamestudio.spacelanders
Whats New +
-Fixed a random freeze on Planet 2
-Fixed a bug when Daryll's active skill had sound even with sound off in settings
-Daryll's active ability has forcefield while it takes + 3sec
-Typo fixed in russian localization
-Fixed Rear shot description from absolute value to %
-Fixed random crash on certain devices

Join forces with millions of spacero guys in Spacero and defeat dreadful monsters and bosses across the space while shooting. No stumble is allowed. Explore infinite planet dungeons in an action-packed roguelike shooter adventure. Do you have what it takes to become the king of space? Customize your hero guy with weapons and legendary items. Forget about archery, it’s time to load a space gun and autofire! Do not stumble!

Upgrade your epic skills to hunt down monsters with a wide range of powerful shooting weapons. Will you fight for loot or for honor? Time to start shooting!

Be a BOSS SLAYER guy: Upgrade unique skills and weapons, equip legendary items, create a team, and raid & shoot unbeatable bosses.

Spacero is a new take on a familiar arcade action game with strategic shooting gameplay, deep hero progression and systems, limited time events, and raids – topped with epic autofire battles!

• Shoot Enemies with One Finger
Guide your hero to the victory by shooting hideous enemies, dodging fast bullets, and defeating epic bosses, all with autofire!

• Powerful Autofire Weapons
What is the best in a sci-fi shooter? Big weapons and autofire!
Laser guns, shotguns, lightning guns, rocket launchers and autofire FLAMETHROWERS!!

• Explore Space
Set yourself for an epic adventure through different planets! It’s time to defeat bosses through the galaxy by shooting them!

• Amazing Shooter Graphics
Experience beautiful worlds, fantastic creatures, epic loot, autofire, powerful heroes, epic shooting, and visual effects in a heroic shooter sci-fi universe!

• Rogue-like Shooting Adventure
Crawl through deadly dungeons, open chests, defeat bosses, and find the exit!
Spacero takes place in a near future where you must defend Earth from alien invasion. You are the Hero of the Galaxy, a space trooper, the only force able to defeat the oncoming waves of intelligent robots, space bugs, and even dragons in this epic Sci-Fi Shooter game.

If you’re a fan of 3D games, shooter games, sci-fi games, archer games, action RPG games, modern combat shooters, and have a hunger to slay endless hordes of monsters as you explore new worlds, then stop waiting and download Spacero now! The world needs guys and heroes like you!
No stumble or you’re finished.

★★★★★ If you like this shooter game please take your time to give a positive rating and honest review to support new updates and help making the game even better!

Download Spacero Guy: Hero Shooter v.1.7.13 [n/a ]
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