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Soul Knight APK v4.2.6 MOD (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All)

Pixel roguelike RPG. Intriguing dungeon, crazy weapons, and endless adventure.

Name Soul Knight
Version 4.2.6
Size n/a
Mod Unlimited Money, Unlocked All
Genre Arcade
Developer ChillyRoom
Google Play com.ChillyRoom.DungeonShooter
Whats New +
*Added directional attack. Drag the joystick to attack in the direction towards enemies.
*Reduced the difficulty of the boss fight with Warden.
Bug fixes:
*When you are fighting with fuel guardians, your attacks won’t be targeted at enemies outside the fuel storeroom.
*Enemies outside the fuel storeroom can’t attack you with laser beams and bombs.

Soul Knight MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All) is a brilliantengagingsportthat anybodyneedsto obtainand play propernow.

Explore this article+

Up to nowfew days, I even have performedthis fascinatingsportfor an entireof 19 hours. I do know, you maynot imagineme, nevertheless it‘s a extremelyengagingsport. Soul Knight could also bea mixof RPG and shooter sportstylethat in all probabilitynot solelyme and also you‘re all the timewishing to expertiseeven as soon as. that isusuallya product of ChillyRoom, it helpseachAndroid and iOS and is launchedfullyfree.

Soul Knight is tremendouseasyand enjoyable, mixing componentsin RPG and shooter style, I’m positiveafter the game, it’s going tobe the onlyshooter you uncoveron Google Play. and Appstore as much asthe currentlevel. With Soul Knight, you maybe able todiscoverthe darkishworld of the darkishfort, gatherweapons, dodge bullets, and destroy every part.

The sporthas completely differentcurrencies: gold, gems. Gold is employed to leasetroopers, and assistobjects. WhereasGems is that the high-end foreign money, wont to buynew characters and pets, improveyour presentcharacters, alongsideaspectdifferentbuffs. you mayadditionallyplay a minigame throughout thefoyerof the gamethroughout thehope of gaining a superpower weapon to beginout your race, or possiblywin extragems

All througheverydoor, weapons that you justuse are going to be completely different, together withweapons, blade, bow or laser… Soul Knight has 170 completely differentweapons so that you canchoosefrom. To make use ofa weapon, you maywantmana or soul (blue bar). Everyweapon has its personalpower, like when usinga gun you maydestroy enemy modelsrapidlyhoweverdevourtons of mana so that youhardly everuse this weapon. Whereasthe blade can deal largerharm, its varyis type ofbrief, and that i want touse blades as a result ofit does notpricemana.

Its graphics remind me of the role-playing sportthat I additionallylove: Stardew Valley.

Unlock new heroes

Everytime you open the game, you’ll be taken to entranceroom , the placeall of theheroes throughout thesportseem. Everyhero has completely differentstats and a particularskill.

You should buynew heroes with cashthroughout thesport, whereassome heroes can solelybe boughtfor actualcash.

Download Soul Knight v.4.2.6 [n/a ]
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