Ground Digger: Lava Hole Drill

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Ground Digger APK v2.1.0 MOD (Awards)

Dig to find treasures and reach the lava.

Name Ground Digger: Lava Hole Drill
Version 2.1.0
Mod Awards
Genre Casual
Developer HOMA GAMES
Google Play com.higames.grounddigger
Whats New +
New upgrade system added
Bug fix and optimisation

⛏ Welcome to Ground Digger ⛏
The new favorite digging game of all explorers and other treasure hunters !

Here’re some of the game’s totally mind blowing features :
⚒️ BUILD your drilling machine to dig down in the ground and collect gems and other treasures (skulls, robots, infinity stones…) !
? FIND the hidden keys to unlock secret zones and buried chests !
? UNLOCK powerful boosters to progress faster (dynamite, mini-bots, unlimited fuel, giant digger…)
✨ UPGRADE your drill parts (wheels, fuel tank, drill size…) to dig even deeper !
?CUSTOMISE your machine by buying new skins & color looks + CREATE your very own mini-bots army !
? EXPLORE sand, ice, lava biome… dig through all the layers to reach the Center of the Earth !

Enjoy and see you on the other side !

Download Ground Digger: Lava Hole Drill v.-
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