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Chicken Gun APK v3.0.0 MOD (Unlimited Money)

Chickens Gun : 5 vs 5 teams

Name Chicken Gun
Version 3.0.0
Size n/a
Mod Unlimited Money
Genre Arcade
Developer ChaloApps
Google Play com.chaloapps.roosterrudy
Whats New +
New race map, building items.

Chicken Gun MOD APK is a humorous action game from the publisher ChaloApps. In the game, you play the role of a white chicken holding a gun to fight everywhere to destroy the aggressive roosters who want to invade your territory.

Are you bored of playing shooting games all the time? Yes, I am. On a fine day, I thought what if I was an animal and went to war with a gun? I tried searching and interestingly, catching my eyes is the undefeated beautiful logo of this Chicken Gun game.

Cockfighting is a traditional specialty of many countries. I know many of you are also curious but do not have any chance to experience it. If you want to experience a highly humorous chicken shooter game without gamble like me, I recommend you play Chicken Gun right away.

Although holding a gun to fight like a real one, you are just a rooster with a big and fat belly. So, when playing Chicken Gun, don’t have any imagination about the poise, heroic pace like the usual heroes. You will move quite slowly, sometimes even too slow in an extremely cute and lovely way, sometimes you even dance hilariously.

And do not forget that your enemies are as obstreperous as you, they never stand still for you to attack easily. They will constantly move, jump around so that you have to work hard to find and put them in your gun’s sight. Also, be careful not to approach the target too close unless you may suddenly be jumped in and die.

Image and sound in Chicken Gun

The visual effects in Chicken Gun are well designed like a genuine simulation game. Although the main layout of the game is shooting from the first view, the surrounding scenery and the 3D effects in the transitions did a very good job, looking like the real thing.

The sound is also pretty basic with almost nothing to complain about. With soft background music to highlight gunfire, footsteps, and different dialogue, Chicken Gun promises to immerse you in the world of the cutest entertainment.

Download Chicken Gun v.3.0.0 [n/a ]
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